The Asheville Lightning USA Track & Field Team Number is 13-637. Our Association (State) is North Carolina and our Region is Region 3, which includes North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.

About Meets:

To advance from the State Meet to the Regional Meet an athlete must finish in the top five places in his or her event.. To qualify for the National Championship they must finish in the top 3 in their event at the Regional Meet. Athletes can compete only in their Age Divisions and only in the maximum number of events their division allows (4 for 13-14 and above and 3 for 11-12 and below). Participation on a relay or combined events counts as a single event. Ribbons and medals will be awarded for top finishers in each level.

Qualified for the Next Meet?

If an Asheville Lightning athlete qualifies to advance to the next level in any meet, he or she should immediately find Coach Agrella (or one of the other coaches if he is not available) and tell him that they have done so (parents, this is your responsibility if your child is in the 6-8,9-10,11-12 divisions). Necessary paperwork then has to be filled out at the Registration Tent in order for the athlete to compete in the next meet.

Didn’t Qualify?

If a team member fails to advance to the next level of competition, they are invited and encouraged to continue to practice with the team until the end of the season (after the National Championship). One of the goals of the summer program is to help athletes develop for their next year of competition in Junior Olympics and in Middle and High School. Continuing to practice during the rest of the summer will allow this to happen.


Athletes who wish to compete must register for the team with a full membership and purchase a uniform (consists of a singlet with the team logo and a pair of red shorts). All garments worn underneath the team uniform must be white in color. Athletes aged 10 and younger may wear the team t-shirt if there is not a singlet that fits them.


Running Shoes: Team members must provide their own running shoes and spikes. Everyone must have proper running shoes in which to train, regardless of age and ability -basketball shoes, tennis shoes and the like are not acceptable. Jus Running at 523 Merrimon Avenue is a team sponsor and sells running shoes and spikes at a 10% discount to Asheville Lightning team members. Be sure and tell them you are a member of the team and would like to take advantage of the discount. Check out also Eastbay, a great online resource for spikes and running shoes

Competition Spikes: “Spikes” (common name for lightweight running shoes with metal spikes in the front part of the shoe) are highly recommended if you wish to participate in the following events: all sprint races (100-200-400 meter dashes), all hurdles races, 800 & 1500 meter runs, long jump and high jump. If you are a beginning runner, wait until you know what events you will be competing in before purchasing spikes. Ask your coach to advise you. 6-8 and 9-10 age groups generally do not need spikes.

You will run faster in spikes but it is necessary to have the right kind to perform best. There are different types of spikes depending upon events -sprint spikes, distance spikes, etc.

Length of Spike: Get only 1/4″ pyramid spikes. NO Pin or Needle spikes.

Throwing Events: Events such as the shot put, hammer and javelin throw all have shoes specific to the event. Ask your coach whether or not you should purchase such shoes.

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