The Asheville Lightning USA Track & Field Team Number is 13-637. Our Association (State) is North Carolina and our Region is Region 3, which includes North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.

About Meets:

The Asheville Lightning will compete in several meets in 2019.  These meets will include developmental meets in May, the North Carolina State Meet in June, the regional JO meet in Landover MD, and the USATF JO Nationals in Sacramento, CA (depending on qualification status) in July.   The developmental meet and Russel Blunt Meet both give athletes of all levels and ages an exciting and supportive environment in which to compete.

The NC state meet is open to all athletes but it is essential for althetes and parents to understand that the level of competition is extremely high.  To qualify for the National meet an athlete must finish in the top five places in their event at the state meet (or top 2 for combined events).   This qualification process is different for our North Carolina athletes in 2018 than it has been in previous years as  North Carolina is hosting the national championships.



Running Shoes: Team members must provide their own running shoes and spikes. Everyone must have proper running shoes in which to train, regardless of age and ability -basketball shoes, tennis shoes and the like are not acceptable. 

Competition Spikes: “Spikes” (common name for lightweight running shoes with metal spikes in the front part of the shoe) are highly recommended if you wish to participate in the following events: all sprint races (100-200-400 meter dashes), all hurdles races, 800 & 1500 meter runs, long jump and high jump. If you are a beginning runner, wait until you know what events you will be competing in before purchasing spikes. Ask your coach to advise you. 6-8 and 9-10 age groups generally do not need spikes.

You will run faster in spikes but it is necessary to have the right kind to perform best. There are different types of spikes depending upon events -sprint spikes, distance spikes, etc.

Length of Spike: Get only 1/4″ pyramid spikes. NO Pin or Needle spikes.

Throwing Events: Events such as the shot put, hammer and javelin throw all have shoes specific to the event. Ask your coach whether or not you should purchase such shoes.

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