There’s ALWAYS Practice!

Our policy is that we do not cancel practices for weather related reasons.  In 25 years of history with the club, we have only cancelled practice 1-2 times due to a extremely heavy wind driven rain events involving thunder and lightning.  In these instances, the coaches arrived at the stadium and the weather event was already in progress.  The coaches waited at the stadium to see if it would pass. When it did not, then practice was canceled for the evening.

Therefore, you should ALWAYS plan to be at practice regardless of the weather at your house or the weather forecast.  

IF lightning and thunder break out during practice, the coaches will halt practice and seek shelter with the athletes.  We ask that if there is a threat of severe weather (thunder and lightning) that you, the parent, do not leave the area in the event we need to evacuate the stadium.

IF coaches arrive at the stadium and severe weather is in progress, they will wait it out to see if it passes.  If it does not pass after 30-45 minutes, then practice will be cancelled for the night.  However, since this is after the beginning of practice, there will be no notifications (emails/text messages) going out to alert you that practice has been cancelled due to weather.  You may see a notification on our Facebook group if the coaches remember to log in and place a notification there.  (If you have not connected to us through Facebook, please do so as soon as possible).

You may ask WHY?  Because track & field is an outdoor sport.  As such, it is expected that athletes will be prepared to run, jump, and throw in the rain.  This is true for all track meets, therefore, it is true of practice.  Athletes should be dressed appropriately for the weather (wear warmer work-out clothing when it is cool out, etc.).

There are certain field events that may not be available when it is raining such as pole vault, javelin, and hammer throw.  There are other events that may limit practice such as high jump and hurdles.  However, most other events will be available for practice.

We ask parents to use your best judgment as to whether or not you should bring your child(ren) to practice during potential rain.  You know your child best and will know if they can handle running in the rain.  Some children love to run in the rain, and our coaches try to make it fun for them.  However, others do not.  We see it as an opportunity to prepare the athletes for the potential of rain during a track meet.

Note: If your athlete is already sick or under the weather, we ask that you refrain from bringing them to practice to protect other children and our coaches from catching illnesses.  This is especially true when it is raining as rain can cause illnesses to worsen especially if it is cold outside.  We ask that parents use your best judgment.