How can I sign my child up for the team? We will be announcing registration on this site, and on our Facebook page. At that time, we will provide additional information on the process. You can always register at the first practice your child attends.

My athlete is on a middle school or high school team. When should they join the team? After their last middle school or high school meet.

What is the youngest age to join the team? Six, although occasionally as young as five.

What if my child does not want to compete in meets but only practice? They may join as Practice Only members. The only difference between this and a Full Membership is they will not compete in the meets, and do not have to purchase a team uniform.


When does practice start? Usually the last week in April, participants active at this time are usually elementary aged. Middle school and high school athletes should wait until their regular season is over before joining the team.

When are practices? Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 6:15 to 8:00. Individual coaches may make arrangements for additional practices.

What if it is raining? There is always practice, even if it is raining at your home. Practice will be stopped however if there is lightning or thunder.

What does my athlete need to bring to practice? A water bottle or sports drink, and proper running shoes (no street, basketball, football or soccer shoes) and running shorts.

Is attendance at practice mandatory? No, attendance is not taken, but athletes are encouraged to be at practice as often as possible if they wish to improve.


What is Junior Olympics? The national youth track & field program that is run by USA Track & Field, our national track & field organization. It is the largest youth track & field program in the world. Over 6000 athletes participate each year in the National Championship.

What determines what Age Division my child is in? The year of his or her birth.


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How many coaches does the team have: About 20

How large is the team? Typically between 100 and 150 athletes.

How long as the Asheville Lightning been in existence? Since 1991

Does the Asheville Lightning have a Cross Country team? Not at this time


How many meets are there? Three: State (Association) Meet, Regional Championship, and National Championship. We also will have a developmental/practice meet before the State Meet. In addition, coaches may notify athletes of additional meets in which they can compete, separate from these.

How does my athlete qualify for a meet? All Asheville Lightning athletes automatically qualify for the first meet of the season, the State Meet. To advance, or qualify for the next meet, the Regional Championship, they must finish in the top five places in their event at the State Meet. From the Regional Meet, to qualify for the National Championship, they must be a top-three finisher.

What if my athlete misses a meet? Then they cannot advance to the next meet.

How many events may my athlete compete in? 12 and under may compete in 3 events, Athletes older than 12 may compete in 4. Relay and combined event participation counts as a single event.

What is the Regional Meet? Qualifying athletes from the State (or Association) Meets in North Carolina, Virginia, and the Potomac Valley area.

My athlete failed to qualify for the Regional Championship. May they still practice with the team? Yes, this is encouraged.