Regulations and Specifications


A relay team shall consist of four (4) members. Qualification of a relay team entitles the club represented by that team to enter a team in the same at the next higher level of competition. The composition of the team need not be the same throughout the rounds or various levels of competition. To become a relay team member, an athlete must have been declared as a potential member on the official relay roster submitted at the Association level, to include alternates. No alterations may be made after it has been submitted at this level. All relay team members must wear exactly the same uniforms.


80mMG & MB830"
100mYouth Girls1030"
100mYouth Boys1033"
100mInt/Young W1033"
110mInt/Young M1039"
200mYouth B & G530"
400mInt/Young W1030"
400mInt/Young M1036"


Flights are groups of competing athletes arranged according to submitted times. The USATF rules book states: “The horizontal jumps (long jump and triple jump) and throws may be contested using flights. Flights will be composed on the basis of submitted qualifying marks and shall be arranged with the highest qualifying flight competing last.”

Preliminaries, Semi-finals & Finals

Depending on the meet, athletes may have to complete in preliminaries, semi-finals and a final. Only a certain number of the total number of athletes entered into a sprint or field event will progress to the finals unless there are only enough participants for a single heat.

Number of Entries in RaceNumber of Semi-Final HeatsNumber QualifyingNumber in Final 
1 to 80All1 to 8
9 to 1623 + next 2 best overall8
17 to 2432 + next 2 best overall8
25 to 3241 + next 4 best overall8
33 to 4051 + next 3 best overall8


Heats are groups of competing athletes running in a preliminary, semi-final or final race arranged according to submitted times.  For a 6-lane track where the race is run solely in lanes, a heat would consist of 6 runners placed in each lane. For events such as the 1500, the heat can consist of more athletes since the event is not run in lanes. Heats are arranged and run with the highest qualifying athletes competing last.

Lane Assignments

The following procedure shall be used in assigning lanes: 1) in the first round, lanes will be drawn by lot. 2) For all other rounds, two draws will be made -A. Draw for lanes 3,4,5 & 6 for qualifiers with the four best times, and B. Drawing remaining lanes for remainder of qualifiers.


USA Track & Field Junior Olympics awards are provided free at the following levels and in the following categories.

MeetTrack & FieldCombined EventsCross Country
AssociationTop 3 medals, 4th-5th-6th ribbonsTop 3 medalsTop 10 medals
RegionalTop 3 medals, 4th-5th-6th ribbonsTop 3 medalsTop 15 medals
National ChampionshipTop 6 medalsTop 6 medalsTop 25 medals