Running Events: Only from USATF sanctioned meets. This includes Sectional (no longer contested), Developmental, Association (State), Regional & National Championship Meets. Sprints (100, 200, 400) and Hurdles (100,110 and 400) records can only be set when FAT (Fully Automatic Timing) is used. Distance races (800, 1500, 3000, 5000M Runs, Steeplechase and Racewalk) records can be set with either electronic or hand timing. Sectional Meet Records. Prior to 2008, a local sectional meet was held before the state meet. This meet is no longer held. However you will see some records reflect being established at sectional meets. Field Events: From any USATF sanctioned meets. This includes Sectional (no longer contested), Developmental, Association (State), Regional & National Championship Meets. Since When: Records listed generally begin with the 2000 season. The team begin in 1990 as the Asheville Track Club, however most of the records from those seasons are missing. Should they become available and can be verified, they will be posted if they exceed current records. If you are a former Asheville Track Club Junior Olympics team member and set a record please contact Coach Lee Pantas with this information.

Best Practices Award At 2012 State Meet

The Asheville Lightning was presented with the NC Track & Field Association’s President’s Youth Best Practices Awards at the 2012 State Meet. Only six teams out of the 200 at the meet received this prestigious award.

6-8 Records

6-8 Girls

100 M Dash16.44Kenzie McDowell2007State
200 M Dash36.63Elyse King2007State
400 M Dash01:19.7Abby Leahy2003State
800 M Run02:58.6Isabelle Cadeau2011Regional
1500 M Run06:00.1Isabelle Cadeau2011Regional
1500 M Racewalk
4x100 M Relay01:33.9Olivia Moraga, Abbey Hamilton, Christina Hamilton, Jia Hind2011State
4x400 M Relay
Long Jump3.37M, 11'00.75"Kenzi McDowell2007Regional
Shot Put14'10.75", 4.54MOlivia Moraga2013National
Mini Javelin14.79M, 48'06"Kayla Hyatt2005Regional

6-8 Boys

100 M Dash15.01Traeton McGlohon2001Regional
200 M Dash31.34Chyance King2016State
400 M Dash1:12.53Chyance King2016State
800 M Run2:59.59ÊZachary Israel2006State
1500 M Run05:56.0Gabriel Fiore-Kral2013State
1500 M Racewalk
4x100 M Relay01:08.6Chris Williams, Laron Tillman, Jacob Leahy, Kylan Gilliand2007State
4x400 M Relay
Long Jump3.5M 11'05.79'Chyance King2016State
Shot Put20'10.75" 6.37MJesse Shelton2012State
Mini Javelin58'03" 17.75MJesse Shelton2012State
9-10 Records

9-10 Girls

100 M Dash14.87Elyse King2009State
200 M Dash30.74Mackenzie Schaeffer2005State
400 M Dash01:10.7Mackenzie Schaeffer2005State
800 M Run02:38.3Maryah Nasir2009State
1500 M Run05:12.6Maryah Nasir2009State
1500 M Racewalk10:15.24Emily Kania2017Regional
4x100 M Relay
4x400 M Relay05:40.32001State
High Jump3’ 05.75”, 1.06mEmily Kania2017State
Long Jump13'2"   4.01MKenzie McDowell2009Developmental
13'2"   4.01MElyse King2009National
Shot Put17'07.50 5.37MAlexis Cobbs2006Sectional
Mini Javelin55'11"   17.04MOlivia Moraga2014State
Triathlon528Brooke Miller2016State

9-10 Boys

100 M Dash14.17Traeton McGlohon2002State
200 M Dash29.83Traeton McGlohon2003State
400 M Dash01:10.9Chris Leahy2002State
800 M Run2:46.33Christopher Lile2006State
1500 M Run5:20.34Christopher Lile2006State
1500 M Racewalk
4x100 M Relay
4x400 M Relay
High Jump4'2.75"Theo Antinori2013State
Long Jump4.08M, 13'4.50"Alex Lewis2007Sectional
Shot Put23'3"Justus Shelton2011Developmental
Mini Javelin75'10.50"Robert Graeme2001State
Triathlon448Justus Shelton2011Regional
11-12 Records

11-12 Girls

100 M Dash13.53Ja'La Howard2016State
200 M Dash27.72Ja'La Howard2016State
400 M Dash01:04.7Michelle Fidelia2004Regional
800 M Run02:37.7Moriah Veres2002Regional
1500 M Run05:08.3Meghan Gilmore2001Regional
1500 M Racewalk10:07.3Elizah Van Lokeren2014Regional
3000 M Run10:58.0Meghan Gilmore2001National
80 M Hurdles13.92Kenzie McDowell2011Regional
4x100 M Relay57.04Rebecca Rohrer, Miriam George, Meredith Mercer, Madison McGlohon2002Regional
4x400 M Relay
4x800 M Relay10.48.61Rebekah MacNair, Meghan Gilmore, Moriah Veres, Lacey Bradley2002Regional
High Jump4'08" 1.42MKelly Wiegand2004Sectional
Long Jump14'9" 4.496MMiriam George2002Regional
Shot Put25'02" 7.67Alexis Cobbs2008Developmental
Discus53'0" 16.16Olivia Moraga2017State
Mini Javelin67'01" 20.45Meredith Wilson2002Regional
Pentathlon1659Victoria Borum2012Regional

11-12 Boys

100 M Dash12.87Traeton McGlohon2005State
200 M Dash25.85Traeton McGlohon2005State
400 M Dash01:08.3Max Lewis2005State
800 M Run02:37.0Lawson McDonald2005State
1500 M Run04:56.0Hudson Koch2013National
1500 M Racewalk09:12.3Owen Koppe2014National
3000 M Run10:55.8Hudson Koch2013State
80 M Hurdles13.84Andrew Altice2000Regional
4x100 M Relay54.17Tristen Endaya, Traeton McGlohon,2005Regional
Max Lewis, K.J.Walton
4x400 M Relay
4x800 M Relay11:34.2Lawson McDonald, Cody Cantwell, Nathan Lile, Austin Braxton2005State
High Jump4'7.05" 1.37MTucker Evans2012State
Long Jump14'5.00" 4.39Traeton McGlohon2005State
Shot Put33.99' 10.36MLogan Pressley2006Regional
Discus87-04' 26.63mLogan Pressley2006National
Mini Javelin102'06" 31.24MPhoenix Ortiz2013Developmental
Pentathlon1542Tucker Evans2011State
13-14 Records

13-14 Girls

100 M Dash12.89Madison McGlohon2005State
200 M Dash26.79Arianna Whiteside2009State
400M Dash01:02.3Moriah Veres2004State
800 M Run02:29.7Moriah Veres2004State
1500 M Run05:09.1Brenna Burns2000National
3000 M Run11:31.3Kenzi Himelein-Wachowiak2011State
3000M Racewalk20:13.8Avery Hind2013National
100 M Hurdles16.54Sophia Treakle2004Regional
200 M Hurdles30.53Sophia Treakle2004Regional
4x100 M Relay54.4Courtney Brewer, Lorna Doucette Aja Cobbs, Alexa Harvey2006Regional
4x400 M Relay04:40.6Elizabeth Elmore, Moriah Veres, Ashley Lee, Briana Yunger
4x800 M Relay10:34.5Laura Clapps, Brenna Burns, Angela Lyda, Ivy Gardner1999Regional
High Jump5'01" 1.55Emily Cooper2011Regional
Long Jump16'3.25" 4.96Elyse King2013State
Triple Jump34'2", 10.41MElyse King2013National
Pole Vault8'02.50" 2.50Danielle Silvers2002Regional
Shot Put36'10.50" 11.24Whitney Browning2001Regional
Discus97'06" 29.72Whitney Browning2001State
Javelin85'1" 25.93Whitney Browning2001National
Pentathlon1975Lee Kania2016State

13-14 Boys

100 M Dash11.8Gary Redfern2006State
200 M Dash24.42Brelan Dawkins2013State
400 M Dash57.22Calvin Clark2007State
800 M Run02:11.0Issac Presson2006National
1500 M Run04:24.2Issac Presson2006National
3000 M Run09:58.4John Harwell2005Regional
3000 M Racewalk20:38.7Owen Koppe2015Developmental Clinic
100 M Hurdles15.26Cory Moore2002Regional
200 M Hurdles27.53Andrew Altice2002Regional
4x100 M Relay47.25Calvin Clark, Gray Travis, Garey Redfern, Jeffery Wallace2006Regional & National
4x400 M Relay
4x800 M Relay9:24.23Neil Ostenfeld, Peter Salazar, Travis Brotherton,2001Regional
High Jump1.96M, 6'4"Brandon Brown1994National*
National Champion
Long Jump5.31M 17' 5.25"Mathew LaCorte2012Regional
Triple Jump35'05.25" 10.80MMathew LaCorte2012State
Pole Vault10'0"Peter Salazar2001National
Shot Put12.47M;, 40'11"Chris Cubra2009State
Discus48.92M, 160'06"Courtland Clavette2007National
Javelin39.16M 128'06"Chris Cubra2009National
Pentathlon1544Traeton McGlohon2006Regional

15-16 Records

15-16 Girls

100 M Dash12.4Madison McGlohon2007State
200 M Dash26.25Madison McGlohon2007State
400 M Dash01:02.1Lorna Doucette2007State
800 M Run02:31.6Kenzie Himelein-Wachowia2012State
1500 M Run05:06.3Brenna Burns2001State
3000 M Run11:09.1Brenna Burns2001State
3000 M Racewalk20:30.2Avery Hind2014State
100 M Hurdles15.9Sophia Treakle2005State
400 M Hurdles01:06.7Whitney Stafford2007State
2000 M Steeplechase8:20.47* Christen Ray2013State (State Meet Record)
4x100 M Relay51.39Lauren Harris, Aja Cobbs, Taylor Feimster, Monique Lee2008State
4x400 M Relay04:14.9Lorna Doucette, Jenna Clark, Kayleen Earwood,  Emily Gothberg2007Regional
4x800 M Relay11:03.4Samantha Deaver, Miranda Picou, Hilary McDonald, Morian Veres2005State
High Jump5'05"Crystal Goure1997State
Long Jump18' 0.25" 5.49MElyse King2014National
Triple Jump38'91/2"   11.82MElyse King2014National
Pole Vault8.86'   2.70MMeredith Wilson2006Regional
Shot Put37'02' 11.33MChristina Hernandez2001State
Discus130'04" 39.73MChristina Hernandez2001National
Hammer Throw35.65M, 116'11.5"Sequoia Watkins2008National
Javelin116'68" 35.53MWhitney Browning2003National
Heptathlon3427Tory Macomson2002Regional

15-16 Boys

100 M Dash11.2Matthieu Pritchett2002Regional
200 M Dash22.41Matthieu Pritchett2002Regional
400 M Dash52.8Tyler Jones2009State
800 M Run02:06.5Steven Jones2007Sectional
1500 M Run4:23.99John Harwell2006StateÊ
2000 M St Chase06:45.5Ethien Arboleda2013State
3000 M Run9:33.35John Harwell2006Youth Nationals
3000 M Racewalk
110 M Hurdles14.7Kris Fant2001NationalÊÊ
400 M Hurdles64.32Chad Kovacs2013State
4x100 M Relay44.18Matthieu Pritchett, David Pickett, Chris Hunter, Ivan Scott2002Regional
4x400 M Relay03:38.2Matthieu Pritchett, Brent Moore, Chris Hunter, Ivan Scott2002State
4x800 M Relay
High Jump6'11"Brandon Brown1994National
Long Jump20'01.50" 6.11MKris Fant2001State
Triple Jump41'0" 12.497MOmar Ahmad2002State
Pole Vault12'8" 3.86MTyler Chazotte2011State
Shot Put47'09.75", 14.57MChris Cubra2011Regional
Discus146'7" 47.59MCourtland Clavette2009State
Javelin156'02" 42.39MChris Cubra2011National
Hammer Throw164'07" 50.17MLogan Pressley2010Regional
Decathlon5014Tyler Chazotte2011State

17-18 Records

17-18 Women

100 M Dash12.75Elyse King12.75State
200 M Dash26.35Jazymn Williams2002State
400 M Dash59.64Allyson Pritchett2001Regional
800 M Run02:39.4Jasmine McCoy1997State
1500 M Run05:25.5Dana Lindholme2005Regional
3000 M Run10:35.4Erika Schneble2001Regional
3000 M Racewalk18:49.9Sue Kania2014Regional
100 M Hurdles15.42Sophia Treakle2007State
400 M Hurdles01:01.1Sophia Treakle2008Youth Nationals
2000 M Steeplechase08:21.8Lana Reeves2013State
4x100 M Relay
4x400 M Relay
4x800 M Relay
High Jump5'06"Emily Kimble2012State
Long Jump17' 10.173", 5.44 MElyse King2016State
Triple Jump38' 10.535", 11.85 MMichelle Cobb2016State
Pole Vault
Shot Put39'05.25"Christina Hernandez2002Regional
Discus137'0"Christina Hernandez2002Sectional
Hammer Throw122'04" 37.29MSequoia Watkins2009State
Javelin118'04" 36.08MWhitney Browning2004National
Heptathlon3210Hanna Kania2013National

17-18 Men

100 M Dash10.72Matthieu Pritchett2003Regional
200 M Dash22.18Joel Jackson2004State
400 M Dash49.79Ivan Scott2004State
800 M Run02:02.3Brady Smith2014State
1500 M Run04:08.1Tim Israel2004State
2000 M Steeplechase06:40.5Garrett Ruley2013National
3000 M Run09:22.2Garrett Ruley2014State
5000 M Run17.15.84Dean Wefel2005State
3000 M Racewalk
110 M Hurdles14.09Cade Liverman2003State
400 M Hurdles57.71Jake Palas2003Regional
4x100 M Relay41.85Cade Liverman, Kris Fant, Matthieu Pritchett, Joel Jackson2003State
4x400 M Relay03:30.0Chris Hewett, Mathieu Pritchett, Omar Ahmad, Ivan Scott2004State
4x800 M Relay10.05.89Dean Wefel, Tim Israel, Javan Lapp, Micheal Doll2005State
High Jump7'1"Brandon Brown1997Regional
Long Jump7.07M, 23'02.50"Isiah Thompson2007Regional
Triple Jump14.36M, 47'1.50"Isaiah Thompson2007Sectional
Pole Vault13.78' 4.20MMichael Wilson2006Regional
Shot Put57'0.75" 17.39MChris Cubra2013National
Discus181'03" 55.24MCourtland Clavette2011State
Javelin159'10" 48.71MChris Cubra2013National
Hammer Throw52.70M, 172'11"Logan Pressley2011State
Decathlon5669Tyler Chazotte2013State