Athletes are expected to show respect for and follow instructions from coaches, adult supervisors and officials at practices, during travel and at meets. The respect is also to be extended to fellow team members and athletes from other teams. Good sportsmanship is also expected from athletes and parents. As an athlete on the Asheville Lightning Junior Olympics Team you represent not only your team but also the Junior Olympics program, Western North Carolina and the team sponsors. Continual disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Any athlete not willing to abide by reasonable rules of conduct will not be allowed to participate. Athletes using foul language, poor sportsmanship towards other athletes or disrespect for coaches, athletes, parents or officials will be in danger of being dismissed from the team. The offending athlete shall receive one warning (one false start) and be escorted to his or her parent. A second offense (second false start) and they will be asked to leave the team permanently.

What To Expect At Practice

Practice begins promptly at 6:15 with a short meeting of athletes and parents. Please be on time for practices if at all possible. Attendance at this meeting is important. It will be to discuss the day’s practice, up-coming meets or administrative matters. The team will then jog 1-2 warm-up laps and stretch as a group. All athletes will be expected to participate in the general team warm up and stretching, and attend the team meeting. After that you will then be split into groups for plyometric and warm-up drills.  After drills the athletes will then report to their specialty coaches for the duration of the practice. Practices will be held rain or shine and only interrupted in case of lightning. Parents who are waiting for their athletes at practice are encouraged to walk or jog on the track before practice, and after the short team meeting during the period when stretching and drills are taking place, before the major portion of the practice begins.

Parents of athletes aged 12 and under should stay at the track for the duration of practice. 

Team Drug and Alcohol Policy

Smoking, drug and alcohol use is absolutely forbidden for any Asheville Lightning athlete.

Lights Out Competitor Curfew

The following curfews are in effect for any athlete on the Asheville Lightning team the night before he or she competes. If you break curfew you will not be allowed to compete the next day. These curfews extend also to athletes staying with parents at meets, or at home the night before any meet. Athletes who have finished all of their competitions must respect the competition curfew of other team members who share their room and who are not finished competing. Failure to respect the curfews of your roommates (keeping them from sleeping, waking them up, etc) could result in your being asked to leave the team.

Ages 12 and under: Lights out at 10:00 PM
Ages 13 and up: Lights out at 11:00 PM

General Curfew

For all athletes who have finished their competitions and who will not be competing the next day, the curfew will be midnight.

Swimming Pool Use At Meets

One of the fastest ways for an athlete to negatively impact their performance on the track is to go swimming before you compete the day of the meet. Therefore, swimming in hotel or motel pools is allowed only after you have finished competitions for the day. If you arrive at the hotel Friday night and are competing Saturday, enjoy the pool. However stay out of the pool Saturday until you are finished competing.



The Asheville Lightning Junior Olympics welcomes, encourages and needs parental involvement both at practices and meets. Your participation is vital to the success of the program, and the young athletes you will be helping know this and appreciate it. There are all sorts of areas in which help is always needed, from signing up new members to helping to set up tents at the meets. Please any of the coaches if you would like to help in any way. If you have had coaching or track and field experience and are interested in helping to coach, please talk a current coach.